Mixer | Vocal Producer | Songwriter


Elevation Kidz

Colton Price

Austin Cannon 

7 Hills Worship

Chris Clayton

Dylan Seals

Joel Vaughn

Kieth Everrett Smith

Lando Jones

Jack Frazier

Calvary Kids 

Caitie Hurst

Nathan Achilles

Isaac Pitman

Ryan Lau

Mitch Langley

Valley Creek Worship 

Life Share Worship

Michal Krol

Makiah Rea

Fearless BND

Lion and Bear

The Point Church

Matt Young

Calvin Hill

Jacob Bond

Nick Rad

Jonah Seeley

Dylan Seals

TC3 Church


Austin Cannon - Producer

(Switch, Stars Go Dim, Lincoln Brewster)


Joel Vaughn - Artist

(DREAM Records)

Colton Price - Producer

(GRAMMY nominated, Passion, Crowder)


Mike Cervantes - Mastering Engineer

(For King and Country, Elevation Worship, Jeremy Camp)


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Hallelujah7 Hills Worship
00:00 / 03:34
No RegretsIsaac Pittman
00:00 / 03:07
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